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Buying Real Estate in Belize

Purchasing real estate in a foreign country can be a worrisome process and there are definitely a number of pre-cautionary steps to be taken. Knowing that this is your first investment in Belize Real Estate, we are aware that this is definitely going to be your greatest investment ever and as a first time investor you may question yourself as to what you really need to know as you go into this process.

This is where our real estate professionals at Matus Real Estate Ltd. come in. Assistance given by one of our trained and knowledgeable agents, you can most certainly rest assure that you will come out on top of a closing saving you much needed time and money.

Our services to you the buyer is FREE!! All commissions are agreed upon by the seller with our agency prior to listing all properties with us.

Already purchased a property and not sure what is the next step? Not to worry!! Matus Real Estate Ltd. maintains a close relationship with Surveyors, Contractors, Engineers, Architects and Attorneys to assist with all your long term planning needs. We don’t just stop at the sale of a property!

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